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Fact: Anti-semitic crime reaches record level in the UK

The Community Security Trust (CST) recorded 1309 anti-semitic incidents in 2016, an increase by +36% compared to a year ago. Increasing security in Jewish areas has led the government to spend £13.4m.

Anti-semitic incidents include according to the report:

- Abusive behaviour, including verbal abuse, hate mail and graffiti (1006 incidents)

- Damage and desecration to Jewish property (81 incidents)

- Violent assaults (107 incidents)

- Anti-semitic incidents involving social media (287 incidents)

Mark Gardner, from the CST said:

"Racists, including anit-semites, feel emboldened, encouraged, at this moment in time, for a whole range of reasons (...) They used to keep it underground. Now they're coming out, a lid has been lifted off"


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