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Mike Lambrix, from death row in Florida: "Life is about choices and our choices define not only

Read this article from Mike Lambrix, currently on death row in Florida, and learn about his journey through life, and his testimony that may help others in their own journey:

"Too often I find myself asking that man in the mirror how it is that this has become my so-called "life" and in search of that ever-elusive answer I think back upon the journey that led me to where I am today.

Mike Lambrix by Rune Eraker

- Credit Photo: Rune Eraker -

In his testimony, Mike Lambrix reflects on how his life was drawn into a "black hole" -- In physics, "black holes" are caused "when a massive star explodes with such a force that it rips the fabric of space, creating a hole not unlike what would occur if you could create a hole on the ocean floor so massive that it would drain the water, (...) pulling everything into it". -- an event called in physics " The Event Horizon".

Mike then recounts his life from childhood. Whilst many would perceive his childhood and his later adult life as extremely hard, full of black holes that somehow make him a kind of survivor, Mike Lambrix himself does not dwell on this. Rather he states:

"An expert in my case said I never had a chance, that the trajectory of my life was all but predetermined by the environment I was brought in and the trauma that I encountered along the way. But I don't believe that."

Mike Lambrix by Rune Eraker

- Credit Photo: Rune Eraker -

"When I look back, can I identify a particular moment in time when I still could have broken free from that self-destructive force that pulled me closer and closer towards the darkness and still had a real chance to live a productive life -- the life I still dream of today?"

To get all the answers, read the letter written by Mike Lambrix (click to expand the letter)

"Sometimes I wonder if only the person I am today could go back and talk to who I was back then, what could I say that might have made any difference? And I think I would try to tell my younger self that life is about choices and our choices define not only who we are, but who we become. We get out of life what we put into it, and there are no free rides. And no matter what life throws at us, we have the strength to rise above it, rather than allow ourselves to be beaten down beneath it. And if only we can embrace that truth, we can pull free from that Event Horizon."

Mike Lambrix will be part of the exhibition "Noble Is Man" by Norwegian photographer Rune Eraker at the Nobel Peace Prize Center in Oslo from September 2018 till January 2019.

To learn about the case of Mike Lambrix, visit

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