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We are calling on for prisoner's art pieces in the context of a new web art exhibition that we will be organising later on this year. Provisional title of the Exhibition:

Dreams of Peace, Freedom & Justice

What is it about?

An open theme exhibition on the theme of justice. We are looking primarily for high quality pieces of art created by prisoners (or others in relation to them) for the purpose of conveying a message about their hope in freedom and justice (whether for the future generations and for themselves). It can take any shape or form: Sculpture, written words, paintings, drawings etc.

This project aims to become an inspiring body of work, for the purpose of raising debate on possible reforms of the justice system, whether legal or social. We are looking for deeply personal, high quality of work. Please note that we are not asking for any detail in respect to any criminal case. If requested, the work can be exhibited anonymously.

A word of guidance

The prisoners (and possible others who have an interest or a relation to them) are invited to reflect on their life, think about what could have perhaps been done, at an earlier stage to help them ensure they would lead a happy and successful life:

Was it more care, love, humanity?

Was it just about meeting other types of people?

Was it about missing the right piece of advice, or someone to talk to?

More widely, are people's mistakes inevitable, and if not, how to help them become better individuals?

"One must feel the Soul Pain in order to understand it, when you are talking to a normal person about this thing this Darkness that feels like it's crushing you Drowning you, Smothering you taking all enjoyment out of your life it's hard to really explain it, It is a Empty Hole inside of your Soul that hurts really bad."

John, prisoner on death row.

Alternatively, if they so wish, we welcome any piece of artwork in relation to peace, freedom and/or justice, provided they put their heart into it, to express anything personal they feel strongly about.

Thinking along these lines, anyone in prison can create a piece of art that can be either about a central issue (for example, some form of abuse or some regret) or a central aspiration (for example, a positive hope) — together, if possible, with a short word of explanation for the viewer to understand.

This project should be considered in its widest possible form and understanding — a project with freedom of expression is the key!

Where to send the art pieces? Prisoners can at their convenience either send directly a piece of art at:

Exhibition "Dreams of Peace, Freedom and Justice"

Mr P.A.Bellamy 11 Chenies Avenue Amersham Bucks HP6 6PR United Kingdom

Alternatively, they can ask their pen friend to send us via email a good copy of the art piece at: save1innocent[at] Please note that due to our lack of resources, we we will not be in a position to return the pieces. Other details A future announcement will be made in respect to any possible partner of the exhibition and the dates.

We are currently considering the possibility of organising a sale or an auction with some of the pieces to help with a general Emergency Fund. Alternatively we may suggest people to make donations towards this fund.

This project is done at the initiative of LPJ/SAVE.

Lutte Pour La Justice, SAVE Innocents

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