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The importance for parents to communicate the right message about love

Listen to the moving testimony of a prisoner sentenced to life for murder, discussing how he was a victim of beatings as a child, thus ingraining in him the idea that love was supposed to hurt, and eventually led him to hurt everyone who he loved. Eventually, once in prison, he was able to reflect on what love truly means and learn about it amazingly, from the mother and the grand mother of the very two people he had murdered. A message of love to be shared widely! Excerpt from HUMAN, the movie from French director Yann-Arthus Bertrand (3 mns) Find out more about domestic violence Read the story of Ronald, currently on death row for robbery and murder.

Fact: Anti-semitic crime reaches record level in the UK

The Community Security Trust (CST) recorded 1309 anti-semitic incidents in 2016, an increase by +36% compared to a year ago. Increasing security in Jewish areas has led the government to spend £13.4m. Anti-semitic incidents include according to the report: - Abusive behaviour, including verbal abuse, hate mail and graffiti (1006 incidents) - Damage and desecration to Jewish property (81 incidents) - Violent assaults (107 incidents) - Anti-semitic incidents involving social media (287 incidents) Mark Gardner, from the CST said: "Racists, including anit-semites, feel emboldened, encouraged, at this moment in time, for a whole range of reasons (...) They used to keep it underground. Now they'r

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