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Greetings to all from Texas death row!

Death row prisoner reflects on how professional help could have helped him on his misguided journey. His best advice:

"We can all change our destiny if we work hard, have faith to believe in ourselves

and never EVER give up"

He writes:

"In my time in prison I have come to find inner peace, solace, content in the simple things. I want for nothing (except life). I just live as just a shell of a man now... in many way, it is like being dead already (...)

I was never able to get the professional help I needed for my alcohol and substance abuse. My own initiative to read self help books, listen to the stories of others, comparing similarities in our misguided journey. I came to the decision I was master of myself after reading that quote: "A person who masters their emotions is ruler of their universe". It rings true. I buried my sorrows in doing good deeds over the years. I try to help the young misguided man arriving here... whom I see myself in so many decades ago. (...)

My adult daughter made me a grand father 5 years ago, yet she refuses to get off in my footsteps. She battles the same addictions I fought. How can I parent her when I was not there for her? I am supportive, a friend, a former addict, alcoholic. Don't follow my example. It has been the cause of my sleepless nights... What will become her future? Mt grandson's life? Luckily his grandmother is raising him. (...)

We can all change our future, our destiny-- if we work hard, have faith, believe in ourselves and never EVER give up. Hope is a good thing because without hope a person is already defeated. I am a prisoner of hope. A man who strives for another chance in life. A father, grandfather and a simple man of faith.

I urge you to get involved in a prisoner's life and see the positive changes your encouragement brings forth.

In solidarity,"

Charles Thompson

Polunsky 999306

3872 FM 350 South

Livingston, Texas 11351


(Read complete letter further down)

NOTE: We are currently in the process of trying to publish a children's book written by C. Thompson. To help us, please donate here

Charles Thomspon

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